Laser Assisted Spinal Decompression

What does it treat?

✔ Disc Herniations

✔ Protruding or Bulging Discs

✔ Spinal Stenosis

✔ Sciatica or Radiculopathy (pinched nerves)

✔ Degenerative Disc Disease

✔ Facet Syndrome

✔ Hip, Leg, Shoulder, Wrist and Arm Pain



✔Many more

What is it? 

Laser Assisted Spinal Restoration (L.A.S.R) is a new treatment designed specifically for those patients suffering from back and neck pain caused by degenerative or herniated lumbar and cervical discs through painless and completely noninvasive office procedures as an alternative to spinal surgery. It is also a viable maintenance treatment for many patients suffering from the painful effects of spinal arthritis. 

The Goal of Decompression:

1. To reduce the pressure on damaged spinal structures.

2. The help restore lost disc spaces.

3. To facilitate a re-inflation of the disc through increased transfer of healing fluids, nutrients and oxygen.

The Goal of Class 4 Laser:

1. To relieve pain.

2. To rapidly accelerate healing.

3. To relax tight muscles and reduce spasm promoting a much more comfortable and effective decompression treatment.