Testimonials For Dr. Halpern


Sara Jean


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"I am living proof on what a difference Dr. Halpern can make in somebody's life"

d73d4f abc65f948635f64f2f4094694731677c jpg srz 210 150 75 22 0 50 1 20 0 00 jpg srz"I feel safe coming here"

After being in a car accident a number of years ago, I felt safe coming here to address the scar tissue that has built up in my back. It's also really great to have the flexibilty to call the office and schedule an appointment the day before, and sometimes day of.

d73d4f a61d75ee5dcc5cca1dc8096a8245ffcf jpg srz 210 145 75 22 0 50 1 20 0 00 jpg srz"Very easy to talk to"

I wanted to say how impressed I am with your office. The staff is very nice and helpful! You were on time and that means a lot to me. You are very easy to talk to and you answered all my questions. You spent a lot of time explaining the treatment options and your approach. And you have great information on your web site... the blog articles and your videos were very helpful.

doc hp image"Helped me releive my back and neck pains"

I have always suffered from lower back pain since high school. The pain had gone worst over the years until I landed on Mark's office. He was very friendly and made a full diagnosis including the need of orthotics. He has helped me relieve the back and neck pains and also got me started doing specific exercises to help prevent them. When I was pregnant I knew that his work would help me cope with the changes my body was going through especially on my lower back and hips.

d73d4f 5634afe19e921c0229f18d95cf3585ba jpg srz 210 150 75 22 0 50 1 20 0 00 jpg srz"Very friendly and open"

Very friendly and open. Good philosphy on healing. If you are looking for more then just an adjustment, Dr Halpern is a good place to start. He's always willing to listen to any concerns you may have and give you answers and explore new ways of treatment, Most importantly he educates you on how your body works and how to listen to it in order to prevent or treat new problems effectively.

d73d4f d173a8c7fa9064954eabb66aa7e90bfd jpg srz 210 150 75 22 0 50 1 20 0 00 jpg srz"Aggravated sports injuries"

I began seeing Dr. Halpern about 3 years ago over some aggravated sports injuries. I had been suffering from lower back pain, neck pain and hip pain and other symptoms related to that spinal misalignment (like headaches and dizziness) for over 5 years, and after the 1st couple of treatments I was pain free. With time, Dr. Halpern and I have worked together to strengthen my body and to achieve optimal health.