Testimonials For Dr. Najafian

I was diagnosed with a double disc herniation in my lower back.The medical specilaists told me the only answer was surgery. My answer to surgery was NO. I began getting adjusted by Dr. Najafian and my expierence has been excellent.Dr. Najafian's office provides a comfortable and healing enviroment. My recommendation to other people who are thinking about starting chriropractic care is DO IT NOW!

I started at Midtown Family Chiropractic Centre due to terrible back pain that I had lived with for years.It started to become normal to have this pain.Medical specialists had diagnosed me with disc herniation and told me surgery was the only solution to correct this. After examining me, Dr.Najafian told me he was confident that chiropractic care would correct the problem and surgery would not be necessary. Thank God he was right. He has been my saviour. Start chiropractic care ASAP!

In the middle of a workout, I experienced tremendous pain and could barley turn my neck. I came to see Dr. Najafian shortly after. Chiropractic care has literally changed my life. I have been part of varisty teams all my life and was always plagued with injuries.Since the start of my care here, I have resumed my running and am injury free.I feel healthier and more energetic and have never felt stronger in my life.I always thought I would have to accept and live with injuries and pain, but now I realize I dont, thanks to chiropractic care.

I heard about Dr. Najafian through friends as I needed treatment for heart palpatations. There has been great improvements in my condition,so much so, that I no longer take any of my medications, which I have been on for several years.I have also noticed clearing of my nasal passages and clearing of a skin condition. I would highly recommend starting Chiropractic care as soon as possible, in order to look forward to better health in the future.

I was experiencing chronic neck pain with severe headaches and stomach tension. I have had shiatsu and reflexology. It all felt great, but it was only a bandage solution. After starting chiropractic care with Dr. Najafian, in less than a year, I was pain free for the first time in years. I have a lot more energy and I am not taking any stomach medication. Dont suffer as long as I did. I consider Dr. Najafian to be my hero.

I was suffering from allergy problems,long standing digestive problems and osteoporosis. My experience with Dr. Najafian has been almost miraculous!. My intestinal disorder has cleared up. the allergies are 90% better and my osteoporosis has completely disappeared. I feel better than I ever have. My recommendations to others are, just do it!!.