Testimonials For Dr. Stethem

Best Chiropractor EVER! It's only been a month and I'm seeing obvious results,plus she is an overall lovely doc with great advice and tips for fixing your broken bod.

Lydia Radewych

As a previous emplyee of Focused On Health,I'm still returning to Dr. Lauren Johnson for treatment.She helps me understand my spinal health and the ongoing maitneance required to not just alleviate pain, but to prevent shoulder,back ,neck,wrist etc. pain! I have been to physio,RMT's, neurologists,for migraines,cramps,back, neck and shoulder injuries, and Dr. Johnson has defintely been my best option.I am truly thankful for her care!

Elissa Pendergast

Dr. Johnson's focus has always been patient centered,which has fostered a level of trust I don't have with any other chiropractor, or health practioner for that matter.She seeks to understand my body and how to best help me move forward towards wellness and a pain free lifestyle. I am very grateful for her in my life.

Cozette Marcello

You can immediately tell that Dr. Lauren Johnson is passionate about her work and believes wholeheartedly in your well-being, right from the first visit. I had the blessing to receive care from her for my back pain and with her recommendations and treatments, I am now happy to say I am pain-free. She is committed to help people become, and stay healthy. Dr. Johnson has the ability to make you feel comfortable and well cared for, while delivering the best possible care. She is devoted to her profession and her patients and I thank you for that, Dr. Lauren. You are truly an inspiration.